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Beardo XXtra Stronghold Hair Wax - 100 gm

Beardo XXtra Stronghold Hair Wax - 100 gm

Beardo Beard Softener For Men - 50 gm


The unkempt and messy look is appealing but a beard mustn’t be pokey to touch.

Not only does that feel irritable to your woman but may also cause discomfort due to dryness and itchiness.

The best way to soften men’s beard hair is by providing a right amount of moisture and nourishment and Beardo’s Beard Softener is the best you can get. 

Make your beard hair soft and manageable using Beardo’s Beard Softener which has a non-greasy formula and contains natural

Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Argan oil, Sunflower oil, Green Tea seed oil, Camellia seed oil and Aloe Vera extracts.

How To Use:

Cleanse:- Wash your beard with cool water and pat dry.
Take:- Take the required amount of product in your palm and gently massage all over your beard reaching the roots and skin.
Apply:- Gently massage all over the beard.
Ready:- Style it with a comb or fingers and you are ready to roll!


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