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Auravedic - Vitamin C Brightening Cream with SPF - 100 gm

Auravedic - Vitamin C Brightening Cream with SPF - 100 gm

Auravedic - Dark Spot Corrector and Pigmentation Cream

Auravedic - Dark Spot Corrector and Pigmentation Cream

Auravedic De-Tan Cream with Skin Lightening Formula

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Formulated with Advanced De Tan Ingredients, this powerful anti-tan boosting cream works to lighten and significantly control sun damage.

Packed with super ingredients like turmeric, papaya, wheat germ and licorice, this potent cream is the essential core of your De- Tan regimen.

A daily use non sticky cream, it works to minimize the appearance of sun spots, brighten skin, and improve uneven skin tone. Its luxurious formula supports skin to improve skin barrier health with continued use.

Suitable For all Skin Types

Especially suitable for

  • Sun Tan
  • Uneven Skin Tone
  • Sun spots
  • Sun Damaged skin



The enzyme papain present in papaya has potent skin-lightening properties that help in removing sun tan and reduce the visibility of scars and blemishes.

Liquorice –

Helps reduce over production of melanin. It is an important ingredient that neutralizes the acid balance in the skin therby giving skin an even tone.

Wheat germ-

Packed with Vitamin E, Wheat germ helps improve skin discoloration. Its Anti-oxidant properties are especially beneficial for reducing  sun tan and sun spots.


Haldi contains curcumin, a bioactive component that helps in fading spots and lightening patches on the skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties help to soothe and calm overactive melanin producing cells.

How To Use

Clean face as usual

Smoothen the De – Tan Cream on the face and neck area

Leave on to soak into the skin.

Use day and night for maximum benefits

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